Edge to Edge or all over quilting designs are grouped by the density of the stitching.  This determines the amount of time and thread needed to quilt a square foot of your quilt.

There are many thousands of patterns to choose from and we can help you find just the right pattern for your quilt.  

If you have a special request, send us your request and we will email you some pattern samples.  It may even be possible to digitize a special motif designed specifically for your quilt.

The best way to select a pattern is to schedule a free consultation.  Once we see your quilt we can suggest a few patterns that will your quilt.  This greatly simplifies your design process.  Most of our customers prefer this method.  Too many patterns to choose from can be very overwhelming.  

Edge to Edge prices are determined by the density of the pattern and will be estimated during your consultation.  Please see Pricing for more information.

Below is an abbreviated list of the thousands of patterns available.

Meander - simple puzzle type pattern

Meander 1 - SS

Group A - great for densely pieced quilts and/or intense fabrics
Butterfly B2B - CAL                                                                                                                                                             Heart In A Heart Drop - CAL
Vine Pano - SS
Paisley Feather - AB
Flower Swirls 4 E2E - DD
Baby Bear - KD
Stars & Loops - LT
Oriental - NS

Group B - a bit more fill
ELC5014 - IQC (posie meander)
Kitty Paws Overlay - KD
Botanical Blossoms B2B - AB
Faster Posies E2E - TF
Debs Feathers-New - DEB
Maple Leaves - DEB
Sunflower - DEB
Simply Roses Panto - HB/HS
Season's Greetings - JQ  (Christmas items with meander)
Forget Me Not Pano - KD
Simple Feather Meandering - LT
St Patty's Day - VM  (shamrocks and pipes)

Group C - more dense 
Dove Pano - SS
Flower Pano 1 - SS
Avignon Pano 001 - KD
Baby Animals Pano - KD
Cartoon Cars Pano 001 - KD
Old Gobbler Pano - KD
Princess Pano 001 - KD
Pretty Posies E2E - TF
Halloween E2E - DEB
Hot Rods - DEB
Just Roses - DEB
Tulip Garden 2008 E2E - DEB
Poinsettia Panto - HB/LB
Feather Meandering - LT
Holly Panto - OSNA

Custom Quilting is desired when you want something special quilted in specific areas of the quilt or would like different colors of thread used.  This type of quilting is much more expensive but preferred by some customers.  Please see Pricing for more information.

Patterns ​- Edge to Edge or Custom