Setup is based on the size of your quilt top and is required to prepare your top for longarm quilting. The charge covers checking for loose seams to prevent damage from the hopper, touch up pressing if wrinkles occur in transit to your top or backing, fluffing the batting to remove wrinkles, checking pressed seams to make sure they are flat to reduce large bumps in the finished quilt, new needle, pattern research, setup of digitized pattern and evaluating if pattern and size is appropriate for the project plus other tasks as needed.  This charge will be applied to the minimum (below).
Minimum  - less than 5,000 square inches - $25.00
Standard - 5,000-8,000 square inches - $35.00
Queen/King - over 8,000 square inches - $45.00

Quilting is based on the square inch of your quilt top and the density of the pattern you choose.  To find the square inches of your quilt top multiply the length measurement by the width measurement. 

Prices subject to change so please contact us for the most current prices.

There is a $75.00 minimum quilting charge for all quilt projects.  

Pattern Groups:
Meander =  .02  (multiply your quilt top square inches by .02)
A =  .022  (multiply your quilt top square inches by .022)
B = .023  (multiply your quilt top square inches by .023)
C = .025  (multiply your quilt top square inches by .025)

Casual Custom or Lite Custom is E2E quilting in the center with 1 separate border and starts at 035 per square inch. Add $20 for each additional border.  May include thread change charges.

Thread is based on a flat rate per quilt.  A new needle will be used for your quilt.
​Signature 100% cotton $7.50  
Signature 100% cotton variegated $10.50
Superior King Tut 100% cotton - $10.00                                                                                                           Superior King Tut 100% cotton variegated $11.00                                                                                       Customer supplied non-Signature/King Tut thread - $10.00 (setup fee for tension adjustments and testing).

The Gammill quilting machine LOVES Bottom Line pre-wound bobbin thread and yields a more beautiful and consistent stitch quality.  However, 100% cotton is also available on request.
Samples will be available to view during your consultation.

Legacy 100% cotton Natural or Bleached 108" $.33 per linear inch                                                       Legacy 100% cotton Natural or Bleached 118" $.37 per linear inch                                                    Customer provided backings requiring piecing will be charged $20-35 depending on the number of seams required.                                                                                                                                              Other charges may apply as required.
See the Preparing Your Quilt page for detailed instructions to save you this add-on charge.    

Quilt Top Repairs maybe necessary and will be priced based on the amount and severity of repairs needed. Check your seams carefully to avoid this add-on charge.  It is important to secure all seams to prevent the machine hopper foot from getting entangled and tearing the quilt top fabric.

Pricing - Quilting Services