Products - Batting, Backing and Thread

Prices subject to change so please contact me for the must current prices.


Any unused portion of batting will be returned to you.

Call for availability and current prices:

Quilters Dream                                                                   100% Cotton White Select - King
      100% Cotton White Reserve – King
      Dream Orient

Warm and Natural 100% cotton

Warm and White 100% cotton

Legacy Premier Batting by Pellon                                         
      Natural 50/50 Bamboo/Cotton Blend
      Soy Blend​

Hobbs Tuscany 100% wool 

Customer provided batting must be 8" longer and 8" wider than the quilt top.​
Priced by the linear inch based on specified width.
Unused portion will be returned to you.

Legacy 100% cotton natural or bleached muslin 108" wide
Legacy 100% cotton natural muslin 118" wide                                                                                         

Customer provided backing must be 8" longer and 8" wider than the quilt top. 
Call if your backing does not have the extra 8" inches needed for mounting on the frame 
and we can discuss options.


       Signature 100% Cotton Solid/Variegated
       Superior !00% Cotton Solid/Variegated

Please see Pricing for more information.